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What exactly is resurfacing?

Resurfacing is the process of applying a durable and beautiful coating to tubs, tiles, counter tops, cabinets, bathroom stalls and more. It’s an inexpensive alternative to replacement that extends the life of the surface by many years.

Why Resurface instead of Replace?

Resurfacing is a great way to update and make your space fresh and beautiful again! Some great advantages over replacement are:

  • saves LOTS of money
  • much quicker turnover time
  • it’s non-porous so it’s much easier to clean
  • less hastle
  • cleaner process so your house will not be covered in a layer of dust
  • seals grout lines
  • saves many items from ending up in a landfill.

How long does your resurfacing last?

We warranty the coating adhesion for the industry standard of 5 years, however, with proper care and maintenance, your resurfaced area should last much longer. It’s only real weakness might be “sharp metal objects” in which this is not caused by workmanship or failure of adhesion, but rather a force impacted on it. As with any counter top, use a cutting board. No matter what your surface is, always use a cutting board.

I would like something slip-resistant to put on the bottom of my tub. Do you offer this service?

Yes. For a small fee, we can apply an anti-skid coating under our top coat which will provide an anti-skid “textured” look and feel.

What type surfaces does your material cover?

Formica, ceramic tile, metal, corrian, cultured marble, granite, quartz, marble, wood, mdf (fiberboard), fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron; just about anything except vinyl. Please inquire.

What is the material made of that is used in this process?

Our first application after an incredible prep job is a molecular bonding agent which is basically a primer for the primer. Next we apply a 2 part epoxy primer. Lastly, we apply acrylic polyurethane which does NOT yellow, handles heat up to 600 degrees and has an H5 hardness. It’s as strong as it can get without being brittle. Please caution that our coating can handle high heat, however, the surface underneath it may not. Thus, we suggest using hot pads for hot pans.

If my tub has been refinished before, can it be refinished again?

Yes, however, we will likely need to strip off the peeling finish. Because of the extra time and materials involved, this will add to the cost. Also, government regulations are making it harder for companies to use a quality chemical which makes it easier to strip tubs. This is why it is important to hire someone that will provide a quality job in the first place. We will save you time and money today and in years to come. Once we resurface something, we don’t want to resurface it again. Unless you want a new color, of course.

If something is damaged in a tub or on a countertop, can it still be resurfaced?

Absolutely, in fact there’s almost no amount of damage that cannot be fixed. We pride ourselves on our repairs. If you look at our before and after pics through the years, you’ll see many amazing repairs.

What if I want a custom color?

No problem. We can match any color very closely if not exactly. Sheens are more difficult to match than colors are. We have sheens from Satin to high gloss. Our gloss is very glossy compared to anything you can get from a local paint shop or home improvement store.

Should I do anything special before you arrive?

Please remove all personal items from the area we will be resurfacing. Cleaning the area we are resurfacing it is NOT necessary. It is more important that the surrounding areas are clean and free of dirt and dust and this will reduce the chances of contaminants falling into the coating.

Will I need to be out of the house when the work is being completed?

No, you do not need to leave your home. However, because of the industrial properties of the materials, there is an odor. Our technicians wear respirators while spraying all finishes. You should stay as far away from the work area as possible. We ventilate with quality equipment and in many cases plastic off the entire room and create a unique cross ventilation which helps a great deal. We side with caution and safety at all times.

How long does a typical job take?

Most resurfacing jobs will be able to be completed in just one day. If there are multiple surfaces to be refinished, the job could extend to two or three days.

Will there be fumes or odors from the process?

Yes, while we make every effort to keep fumes to a minimum by using industrial grade exhaust equipment, there may be some noticeable odor, especially immediately after the job. What you may be smelling is the curing process. It will go away typically in a few hours. Cross ventilation is the secret to that.

How long do I need to wait before I use my tub, countertop, etc…?

The surface does not dry, it cures. Light use can resume 24 hours after the job is complete. Please refrain from touching until then. The surface will be about 50% cured within 24 hours which is already pretty strong. The surface fully cures within 30 days so be gentle during this time. Make sure items such as toys, sharp metal object, and other items do not hit the surface.

How do you properly care for a resurfaced area?

This is one of the best benefits of the resurfaced area in general. It is very easy to clean. Because of the non-porous nature of the new surface, you will NOT need harsh chemicals. DO NOT USE steel wool, abrasive pads or cleaners, harsh chemicals or scrubs, acid or bleach. Always take care of any leaking drains and water faucets.

  • For tubs, all you will need is a MILD cleaner like fantastic, formula 409 or non-toxic, natural spray cleaner. Do not forget to maintain the caulk as this is normal maintenance. Use a tub & tile ,100% waterproof caulk. Do not use suction cup mats on any resurfaced area.
  • For counter tops, a microfiber cloth and water is really all you will need. You can shine the surface up with water and a streak free cloth. You will love the time you’ll be saving by NOT spending hours cleaning your new surface. Please know that our coating can handle high heat, however, the surface underneath it may not. Thus, we suggest using hot pads for hot pans. Always use a cutting board as knife marks are not the fault of the coating.

We hope you enjoy your “New Look” for years to come! If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

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